19, July 2021

What to Consider When Choosing Virtual Data Room?

What to Consider When Choosing a Virtual Data Room

Virtual data rooms have seen an increase in popularity over the past couple of years. As safe file transfer is a number one priority when dealing with sensitive documents, it comes as no surprise that those online file repositories are being used to their full potential. But what should you consider while choosing a virtual data room for your business?

Considerations for choosing a virtual data room

This software solution has much to offer its clients. You must take into account the following factors while deciding on a file repository for your business. 

1. Ask yourself, “Why?”

Your business requires a new solution for file transfer. Why do you need it exactly? How many files are you going to be transferring daily? What kinds of deals do you wish to conduct using a virtual data room?

These kinds of questions are necessary while deciding whether a solution is fit for your needs. Starting with broad questions like the ones above, you can narrow them down to, “How many people will be using the virtual data room?” or “Will the virtual data room be used only as a file repository, or will the files be shared with interested parties?” These are questions that need to be taken into consideration.

2. Define what you value most

If you know the answers to “why?”, it is easier to decide on the (“what”) kind of features you would like for your virtual data room. Are you interested in a variety of permission settings, or maybe an upgraded security feature? Do you want to be able to audit the actions in your virtual data room at the end of each month?

Those are many more specific questions that can help you find the perfect virtual data room solution for your business. We started by asking ourselves why we want such a solution, and now we are asking ourselves, “How?” 

3. Determine your budget

Virtual data room pricing varies depending on the features you need. Pricing structures often include monthly plans, but annual subscriptions are available for a slight discount. There are also instances where virtual data room providers charge per page for uploading documents.

4. Research the market 

Check to see what is available. See what kinds of virtual data rooms are popular among business people. Read the site reviews, and try to see what kinds of virtual data room solutions answer your needs.

This should be the most time-consuming portion of your search, but it should yield the best results. Watch comparison videos, read the comments in Facebook, Discord, or other relevant groups about the virtual data room you are interested in. If you can narrow your search to a couple of providers that you feel you can trust, you can move onto the next step. 

5. Test features using the free trial

There is no better way to find the best solution than by trying it out for yourself. Many virtual data room providers offer free trials to check out the variety of features. 

If you feel that the solution you are testing might be the thing you are looking for, then our next point might be helpful in making a decision. 

6. Talk to the provider

After trying out the service, and establishing that it’s the one you want, contact the provider directly to discuss any details. You can get answers to your questions and then ask about any pricing plans that might not be featured on the provider’s main page. 

This way, you built a relationship with the provider and can get to know the workings of their online file repository. And, of course, most importantly, find a tailor-fit solution to your file-related needs. 


From asking yourself why you need a virtual data room to building rapport with virtual data room providers, take all of the necessary steps when choosing a virtual data room solution for your business. Test them out to ensure you find the best provider for your needs.

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